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How do we structure our prices?

Pricing Model

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When planning your inbound campaign, it's crucial to factor in three key concepts that align with your budget. In this section, we will delve into each of these concepts and provide a comprehensive explanation.


$3,000 to $10,000 USD /month average

This pricing is determined based on the specific services required for your campaign strategy, including the necessary implementation to successfully launch your campaigns.


$900 a $3,000 USD /month average

To successfully implement the strategy, it is imperative to possess a marketing, sales, and/or service automation platform. Our main tool is HubSpot.


Depends entirely on the objective

Inbound is a medium-term strategy, so in order to have short-term results it is necessary to invest in targeted advertising in paid media such as Google Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Launch your Inbound Marketing Strategy

How do we calculate the price?

The price for our consulting, strategy, and implementation services is determined by setting objectives and considering the rate of resource utilization. We then conduct a thorough calculation, breaking it down into different components:



These costs encompass the individuals engaged in the project, including a part-time account executive, a part-time Hubspot specialist, as well as web designers or programmers.


This cost primarily centers around the development of written, graphic, or video content. At Digitalegy, we meticulously collaborate with industry experts who have a direct impact on the overall cost.


This cost is directly associated with the expenses incurred in managing the account, including software resources and other agency-related expenditures.


There are also supplementary features available, such as Social Media Management, Community Management, sales courses, marketing courses, guidelines management, and much more.



At Digitalegy, we strive for fairness in pricing, which is why we include a 30% profit margin to ensure transparency and consistency in our quotes. In addition, we provide a range of supplementary services including Social Media Management, Community Management, sales courses, marketing courses, guidelines management, and more.